Nature Of The Beast

And Again

The Nature of this auto immune disease is it does whatever it shows it ugly side when ever it feels like it.

Smile and watch how your day changes.

Smile and watch how your day changes.

I had a semi good day on Wednesday but come that evening I was rough again. Bloated and spent more time with my close friend Mr Loo.

Thursday my rash came back in areas that were healed. I am totally at the end of my will power with it.

I have no idea why it suddenly decided to flare up. The itching is back and the only way I do not let it destroy my soul (which is very nearly is) is to focus on keeping busy , reminding myself people are worse off than me and to smile!.

Yes smile – its funny when you wear a smile how much your day is different – Try it!

Not So Sweet Potato

Tuesday I had introduced sweet potato into my diet and had a bad reaction, but felt I needed to try again as I felt no matter what food you introduce after absence , you are likely to react to it.  So I did exactly that and had some in my lunch.

Oh Crap

Daily Fluctuation

Daily Fluctuation

I was so uncomfortable following this meal. To put this into perspective , see the phone taken in the morning , no bloat , and the photo following lunch , big belly bloat.

I was actually in pain also and really really tired. This followed with a nice bout of toilet tripping !


Circle with round dot. New appearance.

Circle with round dot. New appearance.

The new rash that appeared today.

The new rash that appeared today.

I have decided to post up the rash , as you can see it presents like fungal , but the lab confirmed it was not fungal. It also does not seem to respond to any treatment in terms of bacteria and fungal.

It sure is an auto immune reaction, I am no doctor but that is my gut feeling. Not that my guts are good! ha.

Restricted Eating

Typical Meal Chicken and Carrot Mash

Typical Meal Chicken and Carrot Mash

So currently I am struggling with food, almost scared to eat anything to avoid symptoms. I am still puréeing carrot but have now added cauliflower. I either have chicken or 100% beef burgers made by myself.

A friend recommend that for convenience I could purchase pure chicken or beef stock already made in Waitrose. It is brilliant, it has nothing added other than the stock and was cooked using organic chicken bones, carrots and celery. What a gem of a find as I really could not hack cooking any more chicken soup.

I need my stomach and rash to calm down, as soon at it does, I think rice will be my next food introduction as I am missing carbohydrates badly!

Sadistic Sweet Staring

When I am better - YOU ARE MINE!

When I am better – YOU ARE MINE!

I have a major sweet love for Candy King pick and mix and American Jelly Belly Sweets!.  I really want to eat some but know I just cannot at the moment.

So instead I find myself when shopping just looking at the sweet aisle like a hungry puppy! I could tell you every sweet Tesco sells!

Costa Coffee also has their Christmas Menu out and I am their

Costa Coffee How I Miss You!

Costa Coffee How I Miss You!

number one customer , but I gave up coffee (SHOCKING) when I became ill. My god the other day I was just staring at the new Christmas Cakes and wishing I could try them all! In fact I made my mum have the Black Forest Hot Chocolate , just because I couldn’t!

Really funny , but I am sure it is Sadistic! ha ha.


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