Day 3 – Strict Phase -Specific Carbohydrate Diet

Biopsy It Is Then

So today I woke up feeling slightly excited to get my results back from the GP regarding the persistent rash and itching.

The results came back and the conclusion is I am now booked in for a biopsy on Wednesday plus a Smear test.

The cells changes I had early this year means they need to take caution I guess.

I have to admit I feel scared about my health and remain so bloody frustrated.

Hiding Behind Strength

My mum sent me a beautiful text today , which basically said , keep strong.  I cried.  Well it was a sneaky cry as my son was upstairs and I do not want him to see me upset.

Laughing out loud

Laughing out loud

So that got me thinking ,  how long do you stay strong for before you admit you have had a gut full of it all (like my pun?!).

Humans are amazing at fighting through their darkest days – I honestly believe I learn and become a better and stronger person each time I face these rough times.

When I see people moaning how ill they are and they just have a minor cold , It makes me chuckle inside, if only they knew what it was really like to be sick!

DAY 3 -No More Chicken Soup!

Wow can you believe I made it to day three of the strict phase.

No more chicken soup for this girl ! YES!!!!!!

Today I had the same food as I did yesterday , I was quite enjoying burgers and eggs for breakfast.

I had my final bowl of soup for lunch and tonight I am having my last home made burger.

Final Burger Dinner. Not sure you can ever be bored of a burger - was just missing the cheese!

Final Burger Dinner. Not sure you can ever be bored of a burger – was just missing the cheese!

Introduction Phase – SCD

Tomorrow I commence the introduction phase – This is where you start introducing one food item every 3-4 days.

I am going for Chocolate

…Just Kidding !  I really want to but I have decided on Sweet Potato as I love it mashed and It will give me a good source of carbohydrate , the SCD is mainly protein and Fats, but I want to find a carbohydrate source I can have without any issues.

I am also going for fish rather than meat. Which you can do in the strict phase by the way.

Cannot wait for tomorrow !


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