Lunch & Dinner – Day 1 Strict Phase -Specific Carbohydrate Diet

How do you make Chicken Soup Pretty

Lunch on day one of the strict phase was simply chicken soup. I cannot make that look pretty , but on the plus it tastes OK. Not as bad as I thought , but I still hate chicken soup! IMG_7592

I added some puréed carrot , with cinnamon as a side and it worked well.


I am not sure if I was feeling over optimistic but today the bloated belly is still happening. I need to get realistic !


Diner was quite exciting , I cracked an egg in the middle of my burger to make it look a little more interesting!

I also decided to make a carrot omelette. IMG_7599

On that note , it looks pretty but the omelette tasted crap. Next time I will stick with a pancake or purée.

Wibbly Wobbly Jelly

Following Dinner I had some of the Grape Jelly – Oh lordy, I have not been this excited for jelly since I was 5!IMG_7596

So I made it through day one! Well done me. I felt good, no headaches and drank plenty of water.

Bring on Day 2


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