Breakfast Day 1 Strict Phase -Specific Carbohydrate Diet


I love food both making and cooking it.  However with just a handful of allowed foods and having done this diet in the past I am struggling to get creative.

The pancakes do not really crisp up , but they tasted good.  Make sure you add plenty of cinnamon as this gives it an edge.

I simply blended 1 egg with almost cooked carrots. You do not want them totally puréed. Add some cinnamon and all spice. Simple as that, heat pancake pan and let them sizzle away.

Breakfast Love

My attempt at making breakfast look and taste sexy!

Added some random tunes into the mix and breakfast was almost a delight.

Carrot Pancakes topped with Meat Burger and Poached Egg

Attempting To Make Breakfast Sexy !

Attempting To Make Breakfast Sexy!

Why Cant I Be Normal

Woke up feeling sick and bloated and my rash is aggressively itchy. Why cant I live like a normal person. I am so frustrated as by nature I like to get on with life and do things but I am getting dragged down.

Should have gone for breakfast with some girl friends today , but I know that at the moment I just can not eat out and the risk of my bowels playing up was a little bit scary!

Constantly reminding myself that eventually I will be back to normal. Urghhhhhhhhhh. Frustrated as hell today.

So I have decided NORMAL is BORING! Who wants NORMAL!

Being Me - far from normal!

Being Me – far from normal!


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