Specific Carbohydrate Diet

Just spent 4 hours preparing food so I can begin the SCD tomorrow.

Burger for Breakfast!

Burger for Breakfast!

As far as I have read there is no evidence to show that any particular diet or food can cause or prevent IBD. The Specific Carbohydrate Diet is not well researched either and I am struggling to find anything solid out there on the internet.

However I have used SCD in the past and it worked for me.  My symptoms cleared up and I have had a good 2 years in remission. I would also rather try and heal myself with diet and lifestyle changes over drug taking.

SCD Explained

The SCD limits certain carbohydrate intakes, namely disaccharides and polysaccharides and allows intake of monosaccharides as these are easily absorbed by the intestinal wall.

Complex carbohydrates (Disaccharides and polysaccharides) are not allowed as they are thought not to be digested as optimally in people with IBD. Undigested complex carbohydrates can then lead to bacterial overgrowth as the bad bacteria use the undigested carbohydrate as food.  The overgrowth can cause inflammation and excessive toxins which cause irritation to the small intestine cells, damaging them and causing food absorption issues and IBD symptoms.

The SCD diet is thought to starve the bacteria by eliminating the complex carbohydrates from the diet and therefore restoring the balance of bacteria in the gut.

SCD – The Intro Diet

SCD is commenced in phases. To learn about each phase I recommend going to the scdlifestyle.com website.  I will be commencing the intro phase tomorrow for 3 days.  The intro phase is the hardest part but from experience , if you set your mind to it and focus on how much healing you are allowing it makes the process bearable!

Foods Allowed

I cannot stand chicken soup! Better get used to it!

I cannot stand chicken soup! Better get used to it!

The intro phase allows the following foods and should be undertaken for 1-3 days. I have opted for three days

  • Chicken Soup
  • Roasted , grilled or boiled meat
  • Eggs
  • Pureed carrots
  • 100% GRAPE JUICE
  • Gelatin to make the jelly with grape juice
  • Apple cider

Today I made chicken soup – even the smell today made me feel sick!

Grape Jelly – I remember liking this the last time.

Pureed carrots – I am going to attempt carrot pancakes

Burgers – These will make be for my breakfast and dinner

My Thoughts

I am both excited and feeling a bit defeated at the same time.  It is sad to feel I am back to this and added to that I have been really bloated all day with manic stomach fluttering.

Had a extra large glass of wine whilst cooking as It will be some time before I have one again.

I am looking forward to healing but smelling the chicken soup reminded me how much I hated it the last time.

I will blog my meals as I make them so you can see how I have tried to make it as exciting as possible.


Wish me luck!


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