Blood Test Results

Arrived at the GP today and he greeted me with

So you are the one with the rash !

Christ am I famous!

So he said my case was very interesting (glad I am making his day!).  He and another Dr are both dealing with my results!. The results being this:

  • Anaemia

    My blood pressure reading

    My blood pressure reading

  • Low Blood Pressure
  • Eosinophil – above the normal range
  • C reactive protein – above the normal range

I do not know enough about these results as I type other than both are indicators of inflammation and /or allergy reaction.

However as I am fully into a flare up , they are more indicative of the IBD and It would make sense to me that they are jointly inflammation markers.

Bloody Rash

The confusion with all this though , is I still have chronic itching and the rash is not going. In some area’s the rash is still quite aggressive.  So Mr GP today took a scraping and the results are back on Monday. If this comes back as non-allergy/fungal , he will then take a biopsy.  He no longer feels this is a fungal infection however as it has not responded to any treatment so far.

Hi Ulcerative Colitis

I would like to say I missed you but clearly I have not and I hate you!.

Hello Belly

Hello Belly

I was given the usual Prednisolone and I have decided to start them for a very short period of time to see if I can regain some sort of normality in my life.


I have no idea how this rash , raised C reactive protein and raised Eosinophil are linked to Ulcerative Colitis but I will take some time to try and find some research papers to see if this is common.

If anyone reading this has had the same symptoms, please let me know in the comments , I would love to hear your story.


I have made the decision to commence the SCD diet on Saturday. I have done the intro phase before and 3 weeks of introducing new foods. I hated chicken soup after ,but it really did work!

I will blog about my experience , it is tough , but I am hoping it will be as successful as last time


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