Ulcerative Colitis – What I learnt

Ulcerative Colitis You Pain In The Arse!

I have over the years learnt how to control my Ulcerative Colitis naturally.

I have had occasions where, I have had no choice but to take a course of steroids to gain back some control before I wean off them and start my nutrition protocol.

Everyone is different but I now confident to say my trigger is stress and excessive sugar consumption. I am also at risk of a flare up if I become ill via a cold, or any other viral infection.

I can exercise but I have to train smart. Interestingly if I do not exercise I find my bowels become sluggish. I cannot over train and I have to recovery correctly with food.

But Fruit & Veg Are Good For You !

The most shocking thing for me was my diet was always so healthy full of fruit and

A Juice & A Smile

A Juice & A Smile

veg, but this was having a negative effect on me. I was not absorbing them, they were fermenting and causing me gas , bloating , or lose stools.

I now juice once a day and absorb my vitamins and minerals this way with veg and fruit. I then will limit my fruit and veg to one final serving that day.

I can still eat chocolate – YEY! But I limit this and aim for dark chocolate.


I need a constant supply of vitamin D and take this daily. I have tried and tested myself without it. I am better to constantly supply myself with a dose each day. In this country we do not get enough vitamin D and the body does not make it.

During a flare up I supplement with L-Glutamine , double my vitamin d and take b vitamins as bet your life I will become anaemic.

I have never found probiotics useful. I have found Kefir however quite useful.

The SCD diet was what finally took me out of constant flare ups.  I highly recommend the strict phase. It was tough , but it really did teach me about what foods I can have and what founds I cannot.

If anything the SCD gave my body a respite that it needed , so maybe it was this that allowed healing. I really cannot recommend this diet enough.

I promise to blog about the SCD in the future.


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