I have been in remission for the best part of 2 years. I am proud of this.

I self manage and I do not take any medication

January 2015 – Pre Cancer Cells

Waaaaaat ! – SOD YOU GENETICS!

My Operation Day - My Motivation

My Operation Day – My Motivation

Around September 2014 I felt that I was not feeling good again. I was having slight niggling  on and off symptoms. I booked in to see my normal consultant who sent me for a Colonoscopy.

Sadly I received a letter asking me to come back urgently as pre cancer cells grade 1 were found.

I have since had my operation and the cells were removed. I am now high risk and will be monitored regularly. I guess deep down I know what my fate will be one day.

Change In My Outlook

To be frank , the day I received the letter regarding the cancer cells, I changed.

I was so scared, not for me, but for my son. I just kept thinking, bloody hell I want to be around for him.

As any mother would , when you hear cancer, you panic. I had thoughts that upset me and decided to instead focus on the fact at this stage everything is manageable and curable.

Since then however , I don’t tolerate bullshit or fake people in my life. I speak up if I don’t agree with something and I do what I WANT, not what keeps others happy.

Do not allow negative in your life.

Do not allow negative in your life.

It feels good being me and in a place where I know who is worth having around me and who isn’t.

Life is so precious and you have to live it how you want and spend time with those who enrich your life. It is so rewarding and beautiful when you learn how to do this.

Maybe that is partly my age also!  – have I told you I am 40 this year!

I am 40 this year!


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