Crikey Is This A Flare Up

28th August 2015 I caught ring worm through training.


If you are into fitness, you will know this is quite common and many people don’t know the have it before they pass it onto someone else. So I am not angry at whoever had it, shit happens!

Naturally I visited the GP and they diagnosed this and gave me cream. 5 visits later and several tubs of cream, It was clear something else was going down.

Allergic Reaction

Sadly I had an allergic reaction to the next suggested treatment for this rash. It was an oral tablet  tablet. I ended up in A&E.

I am pretty sure even my brain was itching !

I am pretty sure even my brain was itching !

I was so itchy , not sleeping (maybe an hour -2 a night) and just wanted to punch someone and rip the hell out of my skin through frustration!

Commenced on steroids for one week was my next fate..

Do They Even Listen

Two days off the steroids and I knew something was not right.  The rash came back really aggressively. I was itchy everywhere.

I was into week 3 of not sleeping and I was bloated. My stomach was hurting all the time also.

I visited my GP and explained all. I said that I was concerned the rash had aggravated my ulcerative Colitis . I explained all the symptoms above and  added to this that I felt chronically fatigued and was not absorbing food again (yes bowels opening all the time – let’s not go there again!).

All these signs I was pretty sure that I was about to come out of remission.  #sadday

The GP gave me a cream for my rash and told me they didn’t know what the issue was , that the cream would help.


I sat there dumbfounded.  I am a high risk patient with Ulcerative Colitis and having not many months prior just had surgery for pre cancer cells, but they still were focusing on a rash cream!

I was not offered the standard blood test that I should have been , or referred to my consultant.

Needless to say I had to let rip in order to be heard.IMG_7427

2nd November 2015 I finally had my bloods done – #Happy Day


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