Walk Around My Life

So heloooo from me, I am Amanda

She Lifts

I squat and snatch for fun. A barbell in my hand is my thinking space , my time away from my busy lifestyle and It also makes me feel and look freeking amazing!

All the best girls lift!

All the best girls lift!

Olympic  Lifting is my hobbie. The mental challenge is what I love the most.

Single mum to my best friend ever – my son.  I am totally proud of him and he really is the kindest , coolest young man ever!

For fun, he also lifts the iron and has a extremely funny sense of humour!

Totally blessed to have him as my training partner.

She Works

I hold down a job as a Nutritionist  and a Medical PA for the NHS in Mental Health and work freelance for UKMMA.

I am a busy bee for sure but as a single mum I was always determined to fend for myself and my son.

She Cooks

I love to eat food and I am a total coffee snob.

Coffee Snob

Coffee Snob

Love nothing more than knocking up quick healthy foods.  I am all about being healthy on a budget and meals that do not find me slaving for hours in the kitchen. Life is too busy for that.

Always taking photos of my food & coffee and trying new ideas.

My Double Edged Sword

Life dealt me with an illness , Ulcerative Colitis. Diagnosed in 2006. I have one thing to say about this ..


IBD Awareness.Even if I help just one person I would be happy.

IBD Awareness.Even if I help just one person I would be happy.

This is what inspired my blog.  I want to spread awareness for Ulcerative Colitis and Chrons. I want to show that whilst you have to adapt your life, it can still be lived to the full.

I also know there are so many people out there who are suffering with inflammatory bowel disease and there is always someone who is an worse position that I am.  However we are all fighting the same nasty disease and I hope that one day my blog will help someone not feel alone , to inspire them or just seek comfort.

I have made and do make constant changes to manage my condition and I have taken time to research how I can manage my condition drug free.

I am determined to live with UC for as long as possible away from steroid. A risky choice, but it is my choice.


She Loves Health & Fitness

I am one determined lady and have been inspiring females into fitness and nutrition in my local area since 2006.  Love being able to inspire or motivate someone to achieve their goals, improve their health and realise a healthy lifestyle is not boring but instead empowering and god dam sexy!

My blog will not be all about illness and negativity – I will be blogging about food, health and fitness along the way.

Hello from me!

Hello from me!

I love interaction , so message me , comment , I will always reply


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