Walk into my world

Really can’t start a blog without allowing you into my world first.

All the best girls lift!

All the best girls lift!

So heloooo from me, I am Amanda.

I squat and snatch for fun , a barbell in my hand is my thinking space , my Amanda time and It also makes me feel and look freeking amazing!

Olympic  Lifting is my hobbie.

I love to eat and I am a total coffee snob!

Single mum to my best friend ever – my son Taylan.  Naturally I will say this , but I promise it is true, he is the coolest kid ever!

For fun, he lifts the iron also and has a extremely funny sense of humour!

Totally blessed to have him as my training partner.

Do you even work !

So I work, I hold down a job as a Nutritionist  and a Medical PA for the NHS in Mental Health and work freelance for  UKMMA.

I am a busy bee for sure but as a single mum I was always determined to fend for myself and my son no matter what life threw at us!

I am one determined lady and have been inspiring females into fitness and nutrition in my local area since 2006.  Love being able to inspire or motivate someone to achieve their goals, improve their health and realise a healthy lifestyle is not boring but instead empowering and god dam sexy!

My Double Edged Sword

Life dealt me with an illness , Ulcerative Colitis. Diagnosed in 2006. I have one message about this ..


This blog will cover my Ulcerative Journey mainly because If I can help someone understand it is possible to fight back , or to share my struggles and help someone not feel alone in those dark times, then I will be a happy lady.

I know what it is like to feel lower than low, to struggle each day with a disability and put on your make up like everything is ok , but inside your body is struggling with a fight of its own.

I guess I want to get the message out there about Ulcerative Colitis and make people realise it is not IBS, spread the word that this illness is a silent life changer for everyone impacted by it.


I will also blog about all things health and fitness.

I love interaction , so message me , comment , I will always reply

Hello from me

Hello from me

Be Strong , Be Healthy , Be You

2 thoughts on “Walk into my world

  1. Hello. My name is Demetra. I came across your blog on Twitter. I was currently diagnosised with ulcerative colitis in April. I was in remission until August and have been going down hill fairly quickly. I was hospitalized recently because of how bad it had gotten. Right now I am just waiting to be put on the right medication, which I hope to start this week. It’s a new biologic. I’m curious as to how to managed to get through the dark times? My family and boyfriend are very supportive, but don’t understand the daily struggles I am going through and the pain it causes on a daily bases. I’m not usually one to reach out, but I’m not sure how to get over this hump. It’s a huge life charger and struggle for me because no one in my family has this chronic disease. Thank you for your time and also I am glad to have found your blog.


    1. Hi Demetra, The dark times are always a struggle , especially when you are tying so hard to be well and to fight this disease. Lately I have personally taken to talking more openly about my UC when I am feeling down. In the past I would struggle in silence, but this latest flare up i spoke to work friends, my personal friends and my family , even my son. I found this such a comfort, I was blessed by all the support that followed that. People really do care, and some how for me talking about it really takes some of the burden away. Maybe try that. I also find a focus, I meditate at night now , deep breathing , it clears my mind. The other focus i have is i find a new challenge to tackle the illness, this time it was about reducing stress, so instead of focusing on how rubbish I felt , i instead found ways to help myself relax and de-stress. Sorry to hear you are feeling so rubbish right now, I hope that soon enough you will be on the right medication and strong enough to fight back. You may find groups on facebook such as Colitis and Crohns helpful also as people share their stories and you realise you are no way alone in this. Great to hear from you 🙂


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